May 27, 2020


Miami Creators – Episode 25

On this episode we are joined by the one and only Laurie Jennings – a 6-time Emmy Award-winning TV news reporter and anchor whose career spans 30 years. Laurie is also a mentor and motivational speaker who has emceed hundreds of charity events, while anchoring thousands of hours of live local AND national TV programs.

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TheCloserClub – Episode 89

TheCloserClub® Episode 89: Laurie Jennings, 6x Emmy award winner and famed South Florida broadcaster!! In this episode we cover:
-Mindset & staying positive while reporting on the news for so many years
-Handling high pressure, especially when filming live and out in the field with so many variables
-Tips on working with teams, particularly when your career depends on it
-Benefits of public speaking and why you do it
And a lot more!

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