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Putting your best face forward this summer

Does your Zoom shot still need a lot of work — even after a year and a half? Let's fix it this summer — because your days in front of the camera lens aren't going away any time soon. That's part of what Executive Media Training is all about. Recently, I worked with 26 attorneys to help them relate to the camera instead of a jury; an author who has serious on—camera anxieties; and a CEO and communications director who want to sharpen their skills before some big media events. In every case, it's about the visuals first. I know it sounds superficial, but you're ON CAMERA! The whole composition of your shot and your hair, makeup and clothing matter. Then, if people feel comfortable with what they see — we can talk about what you say and HOW you say it to grab their attention.

June 2021 | Laurie Jennings
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Photos of Laurie Jennings behind the scenes
June Tips
Bring the emotion

If you're being interviewed by the media or a podcast host - always focus on the emotion, the human element - make people care.

Keep in mind - every media outlet has the same press releases. You don't need to repeat numbers or stats - focus on the emotion and the human element. Share something that moved you - something others can relate to - that's what will get attention and make people want to hear more.

Dabbing + Blending
Makeup tips from longtime TV makeup artist, Ana Limonchi @analimonchi

  1. Drink plenty of water - makeup will look better when skin is hydrated.
  2. Avoid glittery or shiny tones. Matte is always best on camera.
  3. Wait 2 minutes after concealer + foundation before applying powder. Give the foundation time to settle and change tones.
  1. Hydrate skin with daily moisturizer + drink plenty of water
  2. To cover dark circles, use concealer 2 tones darker than your skin tone
  3. Use clear mascara on brows + lashes as a last step to remove excess powder + keep definition

Dabbing + Blending
quote graphic
"Climb the ladder of success,
by always presenting your best self.
Practice being exceptional at what you do."

Mark F. LaMoure

Laurie's Zoom Favs
These are products I use every day that really make a difference!

Wireless ear piece
for best quality sound + drowning out noise
Wireless ear piece
Ring light set up Large 19" ring light
place it behind your computer and aimed down at you from a 45-degree angle. Keep it set up + in the corner of your room so you can grab it easily.
Clip on light
clip it to a notebook on your desk so it stays still + aim it up under your chin area. The upward light will help your neck, face and eyes to appear much brighter + lighter.
Clip on light

LJLive in Action

Media Training at The Children's Trust headquarters
Photos of Laurie Jennings at Children's trust
Hosting Stearns Weaver Miller's
Innovative "TV News" Special

Hosting Stearns Weaver Miller's Innovative 'TV News' Special
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