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Here's to a life well-lived

This week in May marks 2 years since I stepped away from the evening news desk. Time with my mountain man dad was the driving factor after he said to me at age 87: "I guess I have to admit some dementia is starting." That was the moment that changed everything.

May 2021 | Laurie Jennings
These pictures by Lake Sunapee in New Hampshire capture one of our most memorable visits. My father said he "got to know me a little better" that trip and yet we barely spoke, just walked and drove and ate, day after day — never tiring of just being in each other's presence.

A few weeks ago, my dad passed away peacefully on April 2nd with his girls by his side. I got to be with him for the last month of his life and feel at peace that his time had come at age 89. I thank God for my father's long, full, active life.. for time to say goodbye.. and for guiding me to put family first.

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Laurie's Lifestyle Favs
In honor of Mother's Day this month — check out these local businesses owned
and operated by fellow Wonder Women/Super Moms! 💪💐💗💗

Eli & Pearl Eli & Pearl


Miami & Miami Beach

Serendipity Creamery Serendipity


Salon 5 Ink
Salon 5 Ink

2 Korean Girls 2 Korean Girls
Cocunut Grove

LJLive in Action

Take a Walk in Her Shoes

"Take a Walk in Her Shoes"
Hosting Chapman Partnership's "Redesigned" luncheon —
appearing in private homes and The Biltmore Hotel. Happy 25th Anniversary to Chapman! 🎉👏

Breaking through the Noise

"Breaking Through the Noise"
Anchoring a 2-hr special featuring Stearns Weaver Miller
labor & employment attorneys on getting back to work post-pandemic in FL. 👷⚖

Prospyr Grand Opening     Prospyr Grand Opening

"Prospyr Grand Opening"
Saving my first Instagram "Reel" for my partners at Prospyr!
Congrats on opening their 4th South Florida store in Pembroke Pines. 💎⭐

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Here's to staying connected and being social!
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