Laurie Jennings Live | April , 2024
"On Air 101"


It never gets old - teaching others the tricks of your trade and drawing out the very best of them on camera. Only half of these college students want to be "on air", but they all want to work in TV, so they need to understand the challenges of every job in the newsroom. "The more you know, the readier you are" - it's a good motto for starting out in any career field - so you can shine when opportunities suddenly arise. Thank you to the "U" for having me!

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Empowering Others


When it comes naturally, you don't expect an award, and that's how it is for philanthropists, Heide & Jose Dans, when they chair some of South Florida's largest charity events and pull in record donations. These two Miami natives received the "2024 Trish and Dan Bell Community Empowerment Award" at this year's gala for Branches - a non-profit with 4 locations in SFL that works 1-on-1 with students and families toward financial security. It was an honor to rave about Heide & Jose in their award video along with the former Univision President, Claudia Puig, and UM's Exec. VP & Chief of Staff, Rudy Fernandez - both longtime friends of this power couple. Heide & Jose are all about faith, family and fun - our community is better because of all you do & give!
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"Be a genuine, motivational leader who inspires others to accomplish great things that they never knew they were capable of achieving."

Biana Murnane, Pres & CEO
Brightstar Credit Union & SFBJ
Influential Business Woman

In Great Company


When you're grouped with the President of Miami Dade College, the President & CEO of United Way Miami, and women at the helm of the real estate, tech, medical, legal and marine industries - that's when you know you have the "Most Influential Business Women of 2024"! Thank you, Melanie Dickinson & SFBJ, for this esteemed honor! It's all about learning from our collective experiences and working together to lift this community to new heights.
Photos of Laurie Jennings and others honored as Most influential business women of 2024.
Professor Jennings

Photos of Laurie Jennings working with UM students

How do you look natural reading from a prompter? If your first TV job is halfway across the country, how do you get to know a new town and its sports teams fast enough to report on it? How do you negotiate a contract when you have no leverage? These were just some of the questions from the TV Performance class at the University of Miami when I got to be the guest lecturer for a day. It's so important to get on-air experience and see if it comes naturally or if it causes tremendous anxiety.

The TV news industry is so exciting, but it also requires tremendous sacrifice to move where the jobs are, work crazy, long shifts and holidays, and drop everything when huge news breaks. Kudos to UM for teaching students the big picture - I'll be back to check on your progress!
LJLive in Action

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Laurie Jennings at previous Gala
Jackson Health Foundation
"Golden Angels Gala"

Saturday, April 27th, 7 pm
Ice Palace Studies


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Pictures of Wine, Women, Shoes
Wine, Women & Shoes

Tuesday, April 30th, 11-3 pm
Rubell Museum


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Laurie Jennings at FIU
FIU Nursing
50th Anniversary Jubilee

Saturday, May 4th, 6 pm
Florida International University
Modesto Maidique Campues


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