Laurie Jennings Live | March , 2022
Shinning On! What a wonderful time to highlight incredible women during this International Women's Month. I've been fortunate to meet some special ones - including the first female judge in Broward County - as 450 people and major corporations came together to show the at-risk girls enrolled at PACE Broward that we care about them and their future.
Akin Ayodele, Rachel Sapoznik, Darran Blake
1st ever female judge in Broward Co., Elizabeth Athanasakos
So proud to help PACE Center for Girls, Broward raise record-setting funds in its 30th year of empowering young girls through year-round academic and counseling programs. In the last year: * 97% had no involvement with the juvenile justice system after 1 year. * 100% improved their behavioral challenges. * 94% were in school, higher education or employed within 1 year. That's investing in the future!
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Here are some highlights from my 2-hour virtual class for Cornell University:

"Mastering the Basics of Video Communication

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"Do it big, Do it right, and Do it with style."
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14th Annual Vizcaya Preservation
"Hat" Luncheon

Emcee - April 26th, 2022
Photo of Laurie Jennings at Hat Luncheon

Chapman Partnership
"Take a Walk in Her Shoes" Luncheon

Emcee - April 26th, 2022
The OASIS, Wynwood

Take a Walk in Her Shoes
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Jackson Health Foundation
Golden Angels Gala

Emcee - April 22nd, 2022
SOHO Studios, Wynwood
Golden Angels Gala

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