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Can you feel it in the air?
Can you feel it in the air? Change is happening. Spring is inching us closer to a sense of normalcy. Vaccinations are picking up. Crazy traffic and rush hours are back. It was Friday, March 13th when COVID really shut us down. One year later, half a million Americans are gone, and here we are - changed forever. Life will never be completely normal again, but we spring forward with HOPE.
One big change for me is a new partnership with Prospyr - a longtime family jewelry business with huge plans to expand across South Florida. Hope you like the new commercials that are airing now!

March 2021 | Laurie Jennings
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Photos of Laurie Jennings at Prospyr
March Tip
Selling your gold, silver, diamonds & coins

Gold recently hit an all-time high over $2,000/oz

Silver recently hit $48/oz! Now it's around $26/oz

Never clean your coins - you actually lose value!

Prices are based on weight and quality, not perfect condition

Original packaging + receipts will always boost your price

For more tips from the experts,

Do it big. Do it right and do it with style.
Fred Astaire
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Buy, Sell, Prospyr.              

New Ads Airing Now

New Store Coming Soon!
209 N Hiatus Rd
Pembroke Pines

Value of Gold Rising

Lifestyle Favs

The new face of SoFlo events
They are picking up but looking quite different.
Checkout the Viscaya "Hat Luncheon"
this month in Miami.

THEN line  vs  line NOW
March 2020
300 guests
Tables of 10
Kissing + Hugging

March 2020
March 2021
100 guest limit
Tables of 6
COVID rapid tests offered at entrance

March 2021
LJ Sig
Here's to staying connected and being social!
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