Laurie Jennings Live | February , 2022
On the move. So many people are changing course, re-evaluating their careers as we come out of the fog of the last 2 years. Here's to finding your best path and following your passion.
Honoring Nelson: Nelson Hincapie has saved so many children, and they have saved him. He now freely tells the story of his own abuse as a child as he helps others to share their truths and move forward. After 12 years as Pres & CEO of Voices for Children Foundation, which provides a guardian ad litem for Miami-Dade County's foster children so they don't have to go through life or into court alone, Nelson is moving on to a new challenge. This proud MDC alum is now the Exec. Dir of Miami Dade College Foundation! Congratulations, Nelson, and thank you for making a real difference in people's lives each and every day.
2010 Nelson's 1st 'Voices for Children' Gala as CEO
2022 Nelson's last Gala as CEO & Voices' 25th Anniversary
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February Tip:
Move your Zoom Forward


I've been asked to teach a 2-hr virtual class at my alma mater - Cornell University. It's called "Mastering the Basics of Video Communication". So.. where to start?

Start with the basics:

Good lighting
Good Audio
Eye level shot
A pop of color or prop
Check all of the above before you click "join meeting"
Then bring on a SMILE and some ENERGY and look into the lens!

Plan for the unexpected - make sure someone is around to keep the dog quiet, help if your Wi-Fi goes down, take a few pics for social and help you field questions if you're making a presentation. Here's to Zoom success!
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"Those who move forward with a happy spirit will find that things always work out."
Gordon B. Hinkley

Laurie's Lifestyle Favs

My teen boys make deliveries to homebound seniors 2x/month, but this time, fellow Big Red alums from "Cornell Cares" came out to help!
Learn more
Craig's Pantry
Can you make a pickup + delivery near you?
Register @foodrescueus + try it. You may end up adopting
a weekly run like we did!
Laurie and Family with Food Rescue US
LJLive in Action

"Splendor in the Garden"
Photo of Laurie Jennings at Fairchild Luncheon Emcee - January 27th
*Save the date: March 12th, Fairchild Gala

Foundation for New Education Initiatives
"For The Love of Learning Gala"

For the Love of Learning Gala
Farewell to Superintendent Alberto Carvalho - February 12th

Vizcaya Museum & Gardens
Preservation "Hat Luncheon"

Emcee - 64th Annual Vizcaya Ball

Emcee - March 8th

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