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It's been 10 months in the making - and more ups and downs than you can count - but I'm so proud to be the spokesperson for a revolutionary mobile app that my husband, Josh, and his business partner, are launching in the App Store! The timing couldn't be better. The SickPredict™ app helps you monitor your health and provides advanced warning if you're getting sick - *before* any symptoms begin. It has already caught illness early and saved people we know from life-threatening situations. It was inspired by the COVID crisis and Josh's determination to create something to help people. Even beyond COVID, SickPredict™ alerts you to a wide range of illnesses. We're thrilled to announce it first right here to family and friends, and we hope you'll download SickPredict™ app and spread the word to everyone you care about!
February 2021 | Laurie Jennings
Photos of Sick Predict
February Tip
Business tip #1:
Know what you don't know know!

Josh had a great concept, but needed a partner with experience in creating mobile apps to help bring it to life. Enter our family friend, Doug, in Colorado, and the endless Zooms began.

Business tip #2:
You can't boil the ocean!

Everything can't be done all at once. You have to break it down into phases to achieve your ultimate goal. With the COVID crisis, time was of the essence, but each phase took time to get it right.

How SickPredict™ Works

Tracks your health and fitness data from your wearable
Uses a revolutionary machine-learning algorithm to analyze your data
Provides you with a daily SickNumber™ 1-10
Anticipates changes in your health in advance of symptoms

When someone tells you to stop, dare not to stop.
People often scare you about new ventures.
Don't listen to them. Follow your heart.
Do what you think is right. But do not stop.

Black Cape
LJLive in Action              

SickPredict™ App Commercial
Launching a healthcare tech app now available the App Store!

Tribute to Healthcare Heroes
Hosting a 1-hour virtual show to raise critical funds for Broward Health Foundation.

Going LIVE for your health
Moderating Baptist Health's Facebook Live for #CervicalCancerAwarenessMonth Green Heart
Mark your calendar - Feb. 22nd - Women and Heart Disease #HeartMonth Red Heart

Lifestyle Favs

Start your day with...
Checking my SickNumber™, drinking warm water with lemon, Nespresso coffee with coconut oil instead of sugar.

Wellness routine...
Virtual pilates 4-5x/week, daily brisk walk or bike ride for cardio, intermittent fasting for 12-15 hours each night.

Nightly skin routine...
Tazorac retinoid cream, mixed with Obaji #3 clear, Natura Bisse Diamond Extreme eye cream around eyes and lips - a must!

Personal mantra...
Be grateful, be present, put the phone down and enjoy the moment (my family would say I need to do this much more).

Photos of Laurie Jennings
Here's to staying connected and being social!
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