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If we've made it this far into the most unexpected year of our lives, then we have a LOT to be grateful for. I have no idea what the holidays are going to look like, but what I do know is that I'm especially grateful for the flexibility I have in this "next chapter" away from the breaking news desk and working for myself. It allowed me to take a last-minute trip to New Hampshire to finally see my 88-year-old father. The Fall leaves were spectacular and the slow walks in the woods - priceless. My father always says "life comes in phases". I know we're all anxious for this unsettling phase to come to an end. Until that glorious day, I wish you time with a loved one you haven't seen in way too long and a renewed sense of gratitude for life's small pleasures.

Photos of Laurie Jennings November Tip

No mugshots, please! Someone asked me if they looked boring up against a set of blinds. I said "YES"! ( 4638154f-c2ba-4956-8a2b-afa6e0093842.jpg ). Find a corner of the room or step away from the wall at a slight angle. Photographers call it "depth of field", and it makes all the difference for your next virtual shot or holiday photo ( ce1b2ad0-498b-4f0f-98c5-ccfc9419fd5d.jpg ). Take a selfie first and make sure your image has some dimension. Just turning your screen a few inches one way or the other, and ideally putting your back to a corner will instantly give your shot depth. Add some flowers or stacked books behind you - and you'll have a much more interesting shot that shows you care about your presentation! ( ce1b2ad0-498b-4f0f-98c5-ccfc9419fd5d.jpg ).
Gratitude is one of the sweet shortcuts to finding
peace of mind and happiness inside.

Barry Neil Kaufman
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Bourbon Balls

Bourbon is all the craze! So make this a new holiday tradition - trust me! The kids + teens will love getting their hands wet and rolling what looks like dirt into what looks like balls of mud. The adults will be fighting over these all day long!

1 large box of vanilla wafers
3T cocoa
2T white corn syrup
1 cup chopped nuts
4 large shots of bourbon (Maker's Mark works well)

Crush vanilla wafers in Cuisinart (or roll between wax paper).
Add cocoa. Mix in syrup and bourbon.
Add nuts + mix well.
Wet hands + form mixture into small balls by rolling in between palms.
Place on layers of wax paper in tin.
Refrigerate 24 hours + roll in extra nuts or powdered sugar if desired.
Beware - they pack a punch!
LJLive in Action
Baptist Health Facebook Live

Baptist Health
Facebook Live

Going live in pink - interviewing 3 breast cancer survivors under 40 for Baptist Health FB Live series.
Healthcare Tech Commercial

Healthcare Tech

Entering the tech space - stay tuned for a new commercial campaign launching a revolutionary healthcare app by end of 2020.
March of Dimes - Women of Distinction

March of Dimes
Women of

Hosting The March of Dimes' "2020 Women of Distinction" 25th Anniversary + 1st ever virtual! Streaming Fri. Nov. 13th. Click to purchase tickets or make a gift.
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