Laurie Jennings Live | November , 2021
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Photos of Laurie and Alina Mayo Azze
Photo of the LEON Family. *Paid Endorsement
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Photos of Laurie Jennings
Networkings Tips


Now that we're all starting to venture out more, consider ways to expand your circle of clients, friends and contacts.

People do business with someone they know & like.
Follow people in your industry on social media & look for small events where you can meet others face to face. If you don't have a LinkedIn profile page — make one today!

Consider non-traditional places to meet people with similar interests.
Maybe a pickleball court, an HOA meeting or an art class!

Be of value to your community and others.
People will remember you and likely choose YOU to do business - simply because you volunteered together and you're a good person who gives back.

Introduce yourself to the person who's all alone in the room.
It's easy to go immediately to someone you know, but you already know them! Find someone new who could use a friendly face, and start by saying "What brings you here today?" It might just be the most important contact you make all year!
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"Your smile is your logo, your personality is your business card, how you leave others feeling after an experience with you becomes your trademark."
Jay Danzie

LJLive Around Town
Thanks so much to friends & family who've shared these great images from their travels! Whether it's a bus, billboard, newspaper, bus shelter or TV spot — please keep the images coming. I love seeing where you spot them!
Billboards and Buses featuring Laurie

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LJLive in Action

the new Medicare Advantage Plan
Photo of Laurie Jennings LEON HEALTH commercial
Brand Ambassador


Brand Ambassador
Small Retailer Award Nominee

Viscaya Museum & Gardens
Emcee - 64th Annual Vizcaya Ball

Emcee - 64th Annual Vizcaya Ball
Sat. Nov. 20th

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