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Life has really changed with this new reality of ours for the past 7 months, yet the most important aspects of life remain - faith, family, friends and focusing on our health. If you've managed to keep your family healthy, pat yourself on the back and know that you've done your job - anything else is icing on the cake. The random nature of this pandemic has been truly frightening, and we all know people who've been hit harder than others. What we CAN control is how we treat others during this rough time - having a little extra patience, leaving a much larger tip, spreading the word for friends looking for a job, giving to our favorite charities, and calling to check on elderly friends just to say hello.
Photos of Laurie Jennings October Tip

The best on camera tip I can give you for your new headshot, an important Zoom presentation or a magazine profile - wear a bold, solid color. If it has some texture to it - even better. Stay away from any shiny fabrics or buttons - hi-def cameras don't like shine (that goes for makeup too - think matte). Solid shades of blue, green, purple, red or pink will always look best. Consider your backdrop and which color will "pop" against it. Take a picture of your shot and look closely - you may have to trade your nice office chair for a stool if your blouse or favorite navy blazer is blending into the top of your dark chair and your shoulders are disappearing! There's so much to think about to make the best impression - go with a solid, bold color that makes you feel great (and that goes for ties too)!
Your smile is your logo,
your personality is your business card,
how you leave others feeling after having
an experience with you becomes your trademark.

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Lifestyle Favs


Pilates! Whether virtual or in-studio, mat or reformer - Pilates is such a great way to tone, elongate your muscles, and keep your frame balanced. My go-to combination for the past 15+ years has been Pilates + light weights 2x/week + cardio 2x/week. Especially with all the sitting and Zooming now - Pilates will really help your alignment. And it's not just for the ladies - Miami Heat players and coaches swear by it!

My favorite Pilates instructors:
- In Shape to Go, Coconut Grove
- Antara Pilates, Pembroke Pines

For inspiration + some cool moves:
- @pilatestv
- @balanced_body
- @pilatesstylemag
LJLive in Action
Fall is off to a busy start...
Silver Circle Award

Silver Circle

Honored as a new member of the prestigious "Silver Circle" for 25 years at the top tier of TV News.
United Way

United Way

Representing "United Way Miami" in their newest PSA for broadcast TV & their campaign video for every company in Miami-Dade Co.
MMM Commercial


Launching into the world of branding & advertising with my 1st TV commercial hitting the airwaves for "MMM of Florida"!
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