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What do you say we tackle this new year?
It's not too late — it's only January! Don't let this challenging, but unique time in our lives pass you by. Make a couple of small changes for the better. Keep moving forward. Let's all "get at it" in 2021 and make it count!

January 2021 | Laurie Jennings
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January Tip
Conquering your fears

If your anxieties are holding you back from being interviewed on camera or getting out there on podcasts to market your brand, try these tools I shared with local author, D.E. Night:

Keep it short - no hour long podcasts - 20 min max - they can fill the rest.
Do the work for them - provide the interviewer with 5 questions that you're comfortable answering.
Ask if it's live - if not, it can be edited - just pause if you feel off and say: "Would you ask me that again?"

It's your image and your brand - take control of the interview by setting these parameters - then practice, record yourself, watch - REPEAT!

You can improve your value by 50 %
just by learning communication skills - public speaking.

Warren Buffett

Lifestyle Favs

Volunteering as a Family

It's not easy during COVID, but there are places the whole family can help out!

Beach cleanups for all ages rsvp:
Sundays 4pm -- register + pick a date (age 12+)
Pembroke Park or Boynton Beach
Tues - Sat, limited numbers, wear masks

Hands on Broward

United Way Miami

United Way Broward
*register for virtual events + earn service hours

Photos of Laurie Jennings
LJLive in Action              

"2021 Claude Pepper Award Nominees"

Hosting a virtual surprise retirement party for Dr. Steve Marcus honoring 20yrs as Pres & CEO Health Foundation of South Florida + over $100M in health initiatives.
Healthcare Heroes

"Tribute to Healthcare Heroes"

Hosting the Broward Health Foundation's tribute to its frontline heroes. Here is a behind-the-scenes look at filming day.

Thursday, February 11th 8-9pm on YouTube
Register for free at

"Operation Surprise Steve"

Hosting a virtual tribute to the emergency response of United Home Care of Miami-Dade. More than 800 staff + home health aides working to protect more than 3,000 older clients living at home.

Award ceremony Thursday, May 20th at Jungle Island.
Here's to staying connected and being social!
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